Camel's Hump | 5 Miles | Full Day

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

About a half hour drive from downtown Burlington to Huntington where the burrow’s trail starts. The Burrows trail is hard and steep. The trail is a busy all day hike. This trail is a good place to see wild life, lots of different birds also known to be bear and moose territory.

Plant life noticeably change with the altitude change until you eventually go above the tree line.

The Burrows Trail route is just shy of 5 miles round trip. It makes for a steep, satisfying 3 or 4 hour hike through hardwood and pine trees. There is a clearing a few hundred feet from the summit before the last stretch turns into a rocky climb with a gorgeous traverse to the peak.

Who's Going to Love It

Burrows is considered a short but tiring hike, a great first 4,000-footer. The shortness makes it good for kids and moderate hikers. This trail is frequently hiked with spikes or snowshoes well into the winter months.

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